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Gorakhpur: Village of Patriots 

History: It is said that Gorakhpur Village of Fatehabad came into existence at the time of Mogul king Babar. Maand named elderly had 12 sons. Amonst those 12, Batar, Sawaiyaa, Takhar and Makna's ancestors are in village Gorakhpur. From remaining 8 Kalaram established Kaliravan, Sopra established Mithathal etc. villages in Haryana. Budana, Samen, Matuwali Bhaini, Bara Bhain villages in Haryana and Bugli and Kulhari villages in Punjab were established by them. All the people of this region of Siwach cast are mostly of this village.

Gorakhpur Dak Bangla (Rest House): Gorkhpur Rest House was built in 1894. It has been place of political activities ever since. 

Till 1885, Gorakhpur used to get affected by annual floods of Ghaggar river which used to spread across Lakhi Ram pond of Agroha. But from 1886 onwards floods got controlled because of construction of branch river in Yamuna. Ghaggar river makes this region fertile and water here is soft.

Gorakhnaath Dhuna and Dharamshala : Gorakhnaath dhuna is very old and it is said that Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnaath spent some time here. There are 2 ancient temples where worship is being done since centuries. In 1952-53 Sh. Kishna Ram Siwach of village constructed boundaries of these temples. 

In 1975, Mahant Baba Mangal Naath started Maharudra yagna. Since then 61 Maharudra yagna have been taken place. Present Mahant Dashrath constructed a temple and Gaushala (shelter for cows). He proved the name Gorakhnaath (Go - Cow, Rakh - keep so Gorakhnaath means who give shelter to cows). Only 4 years have been passed and there are about 400 cows in Gaushala.

Influence of Arya samaj : People of village Gorakhpur are ardent follower of Arya Samaj since olden times. Sh. Lal Hardev Shah established a school here. In this school Sh. Sukhdev Singh started Congress Party in 1940 and encouraged people to participate in National Independence Movements. In 1970 Freedom Fighter Sh. Maru Ram Ji established Arya Samaj formally and started a Library as well. He died in 1996 and gave his entire property to "Madu Ram Arya Vidhya Prasar Trust". This trust works to spread education and helps students in various ways such as by giving scholarships, organising competitions etc. Trust also organise activities to eradicate evils viz foeticide, illiteracy, addiction, dowry etc. from society.

There are maximum people of Siwach caste in village. People of all castes and religion live here in harmony. There are Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims people and they all respect each others' culture. 

Gorakhpur people have been selected in Air Force as wing commander, in Indian Administrative Services.  A sports club was formed here in 1978 who has organized 23 state level sports competitions. Boys as well as girls of Gorakhpur are equally good in sports.

Land : Gorakhpur is connected to village Mohammadpur Rohi and Jhalnia in east. Land here is of various qualities and crops like cotton, mustard, kidney-bean, gram, rice, millet, wheat, grapes can be sowed here.

Because of availability of sweet(soft) ground water and network of rivers soil of Gorakhpur is fertile enough. But there are also some regions which are not so fertile.

Village of Patriots : But there are also some regions which are not so fertile.


Courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar, 24 April 2005 






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